Thursday, August 31, 2006

A six-pack--the perfect gift; Truth in advertising

If your friend brings you a six-pack of assorted yummy brews as a souvenir from her trip, is that better than a T-shirt? You bet'cha! The reviews are in and Staggering Elk wins by an antler.

The signs over the bananas at the grocery store almost always say "Golden Ripe Bananas," even if they are lime green and hard as those "ripe" avocados they're also selling. At last, my local grocer has acknowledged that not all bananas are "golden ripe." I feel better.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You can call me Mo...

Panic set in when I realized that I had to name my blog. A quick phone call to Sandy and TA-DA! When she said, "How about Momo something?", I knew she was on the right track. Some call me Mo, the grandkids call me Momo, so "One Mo Blog" seemed perfect. Tomorrow I'll figure out how to...oh, why wait? I've got a twelve day-old grandbaby and TICK-TOCK. Before you know it, he'll be saying, "MOMO! Where's the bubble gum machine?"

Here is Baby Jake at his first quilt show with Mommy and Daddy, wearing Momo's shibori T-shirt.