Sunday, February 10, 2008

Did I Mention That I Love George?

I love my APQS George, that is. It stitches like but-tah! Plus, it takes me about one-fourth the time to quilt a piece as it did on a small machine because I don't have to keep rearranging the quilt constantly. Sometimes I like to use an old wooden embroidery hoop (a) to keep the layers nice and tight and flat, and (b) the hoop is a great handle to hold for moving the quilt. I split the inside ring so that I could slip it past the machine needle easily. The bottom ring is already split so it doesn't have to be tweaked. I put it the bottom ring on the machine bed first, spread the quilt over it, slide the top ring over it, smooth the layers, and push the top ring inside the bottom and start quilting. When I get too near the edge of the hoop, I slip the inner hoop up and rearrange the quilt.