Wednesday, November 29, 2006

weird weather; martini emergency

After spending all of my life in Texas, you'd think nothing would surprise me when it comes to the weather. This morning I took photos of some of my roses because today will definitely be their last hurrah for 2006. Today, a high in the upper seventies--tonight, a low in the mid-twenties! I've put off loading the last of the tender plants into the greenhouse, so tonight I was hauling the little red wagon around, gathering the succulents that have been living on the porches all summer and fall.

I had a rather tiring day, so I decided a martini was in order. WHAT? NO OLIVES? There must be a jar here somewhere...pushing jars of mustard around, peeking behind the apricot preserves. AHA! Olives! But they're stuffed with jalapenos. Well, how bad could it be? Actually, it's very good. In fact, this might be my new favorite. Move over dirty martini--hot and dirty martini is movin' in.