-Carol Morrissey-

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jose Cuervo, you're not a friend of mine tonight

Tequila and knitting don't mix. Even a novice knitter like me understands that there might be some issues if I continued knitting the afghan after discovering that my last row, which should have consisted of 216 stitches, had somehow grown to 228 stitches. Hmmm. Tequila, combined with a little lime juice, triple sec, and curcacao, is a soothing elixir after a hard day of cooking, entertaining family, giving my mother a permanent (or "home permanent" as she calls it), cutting her hair, cutting my husband's hair, blah, blah, blah. But it might have left me feeling a little too confident and could have diminished my attention span just a little. I couldn't make myself to go sleep with those extra 12 stitches on my mind, so I reverse knitted the row onto a different set of circular needles and then re-knit it back onto the original needles. Yep, I'm feelin' pretty smug right about now. And I came SO close to the 216 stitches that it should have been. SO close.

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