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Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Old Enough To Be Vintage, Just Old Enough To Be Embarrassing

While cleaning my sewing room, I found a box of patterns that survived the last culling in 2000. Ooooh, look at the 13 Great Hats! Notice the French at the bottom of the pattern: 13 Chapeaux Sensass. Seeing it in French just makes you want to make them ALL! I guess because the French are the undisputed arbiters of haute couture, we home-sewers who bought this pattern thought, "Hmmm, looky there. It sez in French that these here hats are sensass, so I'd better make some so I can look sensass-tional."

Looking at this pattern now, I'm thinking that maybe two are great (or at least suitable for wearing to the beach) and the other eleven are better suited for the cast of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." Maybe I'd better save this pattern--just a few more years.

If you're going for the flying squirrel look, I've got your pattern. A big, pink flying squirrel with linebacker shoulders. Look how teeny the model's head looks in the drawing. I think she needs a great chapeau--maybe the one at the bottom right on the cover above (looking somewhat like a floral sourdough loaf teetering on the model's head) to balance her little head with the bulk of the shoulder pads. Or maybe the bright yellow, polka-dotted chapeau sensass pictured on the back that looks like a shower cap I had in 1966. Fortunately, I never took this pattern out of its jacket. But when I bought it, I must have thought it looked sensass.


Anonymous said...


I am envisioning a theme party...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mo!

This is hilarious! I think we should have a retreat, just for making sensass hats. It could be the "dorky by sincere" version of the Red Hat ladies! I know my mom has plenty of embarrassing patterns -- now you've really encouraged me to rifle through them for laughs!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant "dorky BUT sincere" -- Will was in here, talking to me non-stop so my brain wasn't 100% on my typing! :)