-Carol Morrissey-

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There has been some on-line discussion about non-traditional family trees, so I'm posting a photo of my grandson's family tree quilt that my daughter and I designed earlier this year. It's now one of my patterns (http://www.ocaroldesigns.com ), and we named it "Whooo's Your Granddaddy?". The close-up shows Jake as the baby bird in the nest, with mom and dad nearby, and on the branches are the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, with their relationship and name written on the leaves. We have a very non-traditional family, so this worked well because you can add as many birds and leaves as you want.


Sharon said...

I've loved this pattern since I first saw the quilt. I have it around here somewhere. I may even make it one day. :)

SingStarHeaven said...

oh my goodness! i just somehow got onto your blog and was looking at your works :)

Such beautiful quilts!
I especially like the one you and your daughter designed! such pretty colors and designs:)