-Carol Morrissey-

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Hope It's Not Genetic

While organizing some things, I came upon a box of "treasures" that my mother had packed when my grandmother moved.  I have many such boxes and sometimes I go through them and sometimes I just pack them away.  This particular box--a tiny one--contained the following:  a rusted sewing machine needle, a two-inch long pencil, a one-inch red crayon, and two notes written by my grandmother.  One of the notes is written on a small piece of an envelope postmarked 1979 and the other is on the back of a receipt dated 1986.  My grandmother set the standard for recycling.  The notes contain information about yardage for pillows and the number of squares needed for, presumably, a pieced quilt.  These items have been sitting on my bathroom vanity for at least two weeks, and I fear I can't throw them away.  Apparently, it IS genetic.


Sharon said...

I can't help but smile at the though of you not being able to throw those notes out. I'd probably keep them too though. After all, it shows your grandmother's handwriting. Those kinds of things are special.

Connie said...

Good laugh - I have the same disease and inherited similar "treasures" - must be some quilter's blood disorder.