Sunday, April 06, 2014

Treasures From The Vault

You might have heard about the amazing collections of stuff my mother has saved over the years.  Her house is the Mary Poppins carpetbag of houses.  Where has she been keeping all of this?  Does she have a secret basement?  I've posted many photos on Facebook of things my mother has given away in recent years.  Here are this week's treasures, which will now go into MY collections.  I will actually use the needles, so that is how I justify accepting those.  The bone crochet hook just appeals to me, although I don't crochet.  The buttons on the cards, well, I remember when my mother and I went through a phase of buying discontinued buttons at Hancock's on Webb Chapel in Dallas during the sixties.  I think they were $.10 per card.  There are plenty of those still in my own stash, but many of them were used back in the day when I was actually sewing clothes (imagine!).


Sandy said...

I notice all of the buttons in the photo are orange.

Carol Morrissey said...

Yeah, how weird that my mother had all those orange buttons. Or maybe not. It WAS the sixties!

blondechick1982 said...

Rebecca this blog reminded me of you and all your quilting!LOL